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Wines By the Glass

Half Bottles

Eugenio Almeida,Alentejo,Portugal   20

Hess, Cabernet Sauvignon,California  30

Honig, Cabernet Sauvignon,California   40

Red by the glass

Conundrum ,(Red Blend)California 10

Beringer Founders Estate,  (Cabernet Sauvignon) California    8

Miolo ,(Cabernet Sauvignon ) Brazil 9

Miolo ,(Merlot) Brazil 9

Dante, (Pinot Noir) California   8

Higth Note (Malbec) Argentina 9

White by the glass

Miolo ,(Chardonay) Brazil 8

zenato ,(Pinot Grigio) Italy 9

Beringer ,(White Zinfandel) California 8

Vineti,(Moscato ) Italy 9

Sangria Glass ( Red or White ) 8

Wine by the Glass: List
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